Don Poldermans, of DECREASE beta blocker trials, fired.

I’ve always been concerned about the generalizability of Poldermans’ work.  A PubMed search of his name and “vascular surgery” returns over 150 references.  His work has continued to support perioperative beta blockade while other studies, such as POISE, have found adverse outcomes.  He is lead author of the European Society of Cardiologists Perioperative Guidelines for Noncardiac Surgery.

Now, Prof Poldermans has been fired by Erasmus University, among allegations:

The professor is accused of faking academic data and compromising patient trust, the paper says. In particular, he failed to obtain patient consent for carrying out research and recorded results ‘which cannot be resolved to patient information,’ the university said.

Don Poldermans has spent years researching the risk of complications during cardio-vascular surgery and has some 500 publications to his name.

A spokesman for Poldermans told the paper he admitted not keeping to research protocols but denied faking data.

The ESC has therefore stated:

In its statement, the ESC said that the society is reviewing this document “in order to decide if these need to be re-examined in the light of recent events. A new statement will be issued by the ESC once a decision has been reached.”

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